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Bennolli’s is so fresh and new, the professional critics haven’t found us yet! But the critic we want to please most is you. After you’ve tried a delicious Bennolli’s pizza, tell us how you liked it, and we may post your review on our website! Please let us know which pie you’re reviewing. Send your comments to

Tom V., Delafield:
"We have eaten Bennolli's pizza many times--eat in and carry out--and
have had terrific, friendly service and outstanding food each time.  I
most recently had a Greek salad and Buffalo wings.  Both were
excellent--the salad was fresh and the toppings abundant, and the
wings were hot, zesty, and delicious."

Sharon T., Delafield:
"We LOVE your Vegetable Heaven pizza.  It is so fresh and delicious.  The spinach really makes it taste fabulous.  My 8-year old daughter says it is called Vegetable Heaven because it feels like you are in Heaven when you eat it "

Melissa M., Nearby:
"So glad you are right around the corner, best pizza in Wisconsin!"

Lisa S., Further away:
"Don’t change a thing. We drive 20 miles for your pizzas :)"

Mimi, Delafield:
"We really enjoy having the option of a perfect whole wheat/whole grain pizza crust. We are so lucky to have delicious, handmade and HEALTHY pizza in our area."

Danette B., Brookfield:
“WOW! What a find! Your shop reminded me of the fresh pizza I ate in Italy. The Pizza Margherita was incredible—crispy crust and fresh tomatoes and basil. OH!, and the gelato was out of this world! My family will DEFINITELY be back for more!”

Joan V., Brookfield:
“I’ve tried Bennolli’s pizza several times, and the quality of the ingredients and the dough made fresh everyday makes this the BEST restaurant pizza I've ever had! The dough is made fresh and tossed right in front of you. I would recommend Bennolli’s to everyone who lives in or visits the Delafield area. Kudos to you, Bennolli’s, for FINALLY making a good, quality pizza that is certainly heads above the ‘chain’ pizza places!”